Anatol’s growth in Greece as well as its ever growing capability to produce fresh ideas and create unique jewellery sparked the idea of an international expansion. In 2012 Anatol begun attracting high end stores all over the world, introducing them to it’s fashionable jewellery and more importantly sharing with them Anatol’s success story, which lies in the simple dogma that the customer comes first.

It all begins with a simple yet intricate idea and all it takes is a pencil and some paper for a jewel from Anatol’s Mainstream Collection to begin its creation journey. The sketch is then taken over to the digital world where top CAD designing programs take over, making sure that the jewel being produced is flawless. A cutting edge 3D printer creates the first samples and then with the love of Anatol’s technitians the final touches are added to the jewel before it is sent out to be displayed in the worlds top fashion store windows and ultimately become part of someones story.