Anatol is a jewellery brand founded in 1974 in Greece by designer and owner Rouli. Together with her brother Peter, an expert in jewellery making, they started making unique customized pieces of jewelry for high end customers. As their popularity grew, they decided to open a store in an Athenian suburb, namely Kifissia.

In the years to come they saw a lot of success selling brilliantly designed pieces not only to Greek customers but to an ever growing international clientele. With a second store in Athens as well as the younger generation slowly beginning to catch on, this family business took on a new road, by expanding abroad and selling its line to unique stores around the world.

It was the new generation filled with ideas, ambition and thirst for excellence in combination with the experience, knowledge and guidance from Rouli and Peter that make Anatol what it is today; a distinctive line of jewellery filled with passion, creativity and years of lovingly devoted work.