Popping Eye Bracelet (B6049-Y)

Part of the Imbue collection this beautiful piece is made by hand. The evil eye motif is set on a bed of turquoise beads that are strung one at a time in order to create the beautiful color effect. Thw gold chains hold the bracelet together and it ends with beautiful cord and gold bead macramé closure. The piece is made in 18k gold, diamonds and ruby stones.

Product Info 

Gold Weight: 2.55gr

Diamond Weight: 0.01ct

Ruby Weight: 0.17ct

Item Code: B6049-Y

Product Specifications 

Bracelet Size: Adjustable

Evil Eye Size: 8.45mm / 0.33 inch

More at: https://bit.ly/39EY8VQ


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Popping Eye Bracelet in 18k gold, diamonds and red rubies.






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