Eevan-logo-lightvan is Anatol’s new generation. Having worked at Anatol from a very young age, the jewellery business runs in his veins. Following his studies he begun by taking Anatol and modernizing it, attracting a younger clientele and bringing in a fresh young energy to the stores. He is now designing his own jewellery under the brand Evans Collections and is introducing his work both to his loving customers in Greece as well as to the rest of the world.

He begins each collection with an inspiration that speaks to his heart. He is inspired by nature, his childhood memories and even a single occurance that sparked something within. He hopes to share a part of who he is with the world, through his work; letting you in to discover, that behind each of his jewels, lies a story that can become your fairytale.

He is looking forward to use his work as medium to achieve greater things by helping those in need. His favorite win-win situation as he call it, whereby the customer wins by finding his/her perfect jewel and a person less fortunate also wins by being offered much needed help is what Evan looks to achieve in the future.